The Story

Who We Are

Passion turned to Business Opportunity

I started roasting coffee for myself nearly 6 years ago using an old frying pan and some locally bought green coffee beans.  I recommend this for anyone who is enthusiastic about roasting coffee. Another method I used for personal use was an air popcorn popper. This method is a great for getting an even roast.  After friends and family found out I was roasting fresh coffee they couldn't wait to get their hand on some.  It was then I took my passion for coffee publicly by purchasing some professional roasting equipment and setting up shop.  Fast forward to today where we produce hundreds of pounds of roasted coffee from all over the world, still with the same passion as day one.

The Coffee

From all over the world

We are picky about what coffee we source.  We only buy coffee that is Certified Organic and Fair Trade. Before we purchase a coffee, we request samples and cup it.  If it passes our rigorous testing process we then incorporate the coffee into our selection.

Giving Back

We are very proud to support the local non profit organization Cafe Femenino. They go to third world countries and directly support the women coffee farmers who put more dedication into their crops than some male coffee farmers.  Because coffee and many other industries in third world countries are mostly men dominated, the truly women only farmers have had a difficult time getting their product to the market.  That is where Cafe Femenino stepped in to help these women farmers get their well taken care of coffee to the market. To learn more about how to donate or get involved visit Cafe Femenino.

Always fresh

We only roast what is ordered and when it is ordered. We do not roast large quantities of coffee and then try to sell whatever is left over, like some large companies.  By following this process you as the customer are guaranteed the freshest coffee every time.  Unlike supermarket stores where you never know how long the coffee has been sitting on the shelves, with us there is no question.

10,000 Miles

Where your coffee comes from

All of the coffee grown comes from a tiny band around the world near the equator. Not only from this region, but the plants thrive best in the shade and must be grown at least 3,000 feet above sea level, not to mention soil composition and micro-climates.  Thriving coffee plants are very picky as to where they like to live.  It also takes about 5 years of growth before a single coffee plant will produces it's first crop. Below are a few steps the farmers must do before the coffee is sealed in burlap sacks and starts its incredible journey to a roaster like us.

  1. Coffee cherries do not ripen at the same time, pickers must go through the acres of fields multiple times to make sure only the ripest coffee cherries are harvested.
  2. After harvest the pulp must be removed from the coffee bean, there are many different methods of doing this which all effect the flavor of the coffee.
  3. The coffee bean must then be set out in the sun to dry, this can be done on raised beds or large concrete platforms.
  4. When the coffee reaches the optimal moisture content it is then sorted by size and deposited into burlap sacks.
  5. If the farm does not work directly with a roaster, they will sell their beans at the market. This is the point where the coffee gets its certification which is equivalent to a passport.
  6. Now the coffee makes its incredible journey up to 10,000 miles, where it then will be roasted and distributed to different coffee shops!

A tremendous amount of care and love goes into each and every coffee plant.  We continue the care and love into the roasting process so that you may experience something wonderful.