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Kafiex Roasters - Award Winning Espresso

Kafiex Roasters is located in Vancouver Washington, and recently won 3rd place in the worlds largest coffee roasting competition.  The Golden Bean North America coffee roasting competition and conference was held in our "back yard" Portland Oregon in 2016. Over 300 of the top coffee roasting companies submitted over 750 coffee samples to be judged and we took home 3rd place for our Three Amigos espresso blend! This was just the beginning, our story starts back in 2012...

Kafiex Roasters uses organic coffee from Colombia in it's award winning espresso blend Three Amigos

Colombia Raw Coffee

Passion Turned To Business

The beginning of Kafiex Roasters

It all began in 2012 when I first started buying green coffee beans from a local coffee roasting supply store. With a desire to create and taste freshly roasted coffee, I began to play around roasting coffee the night before we would drink it. To my surprise I fell in love with the process of roasting coffee.  The process is quite simple and I encourage anyone to try it.  All you need is a frying pan or old popcorn popper, some green coffee beans and a little love.

I had been working part time at my parents coffee shop since 2010 as a barista.  I would help them on my days off. This allowed them to get out of the shop for a while and enjoy the day. It was during this time that I developed a love for coffee, making latte art and interacting with the customers.

Finally at the end of 2015 I decided to get serious about roasting coffee, and we officially opened our business.  My wife Seidy and I spent months deciding the name of our new company. We wanted a name that was new, something that sounded "futuristic" finally we landed on Kafiex Roasters (pronounced "coffee-x") My parents coffee shop became our first client and their customers couldn't be happier.

Kafiex Roasters is enjoying a cup of Turkish coffee in front of the Great Pyramid in Egypt.

Turkish Coffee In Egypt

Coffee & Travel

with Kafiex Roasters and Teal Travelers

My wife and I traveled to many of the worlds leading coffee producing countries to visit coffee farms and learn as much as we could about the coffee industry.  Our first visit was the Kauai Coffee Company in Kauai Hawaii. It was here where we got to see our very first coffee tree, and learn about the process that each coffee cherry goes through before it gets to a roasting facility. We visited a few other destinations over the years; Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee, and most recently Finca Hamburgo in Soconusco Chiapas! We continue to travel around the world experiencing different coffee farms and small specialty coffee shops. Visit my wife's blog to read more about our travels Teal Travelers.

Kafiex Roasters visiting a coffee farm in Mexico Chiapas where we hand picked some ripe coffee cherries

Ripe Coffee Cherries


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