Award Winning Espresso

We recently submitted an entry into the Golden Bean North America, a very prestigious coffee roasting competition.  There were over 750 entries from more than 250 of the top coffee roasting companies in North America (To see the full list of winners including ours click here).  The judging took place at the Castaway venue in Portland Oregon on September 14th-17th 2016!

We entered our Three Amigos Espresso into the Milk Based Espresso category.  We have always gotten complements on how good our espresso tastes but we never thought we would win such a prestigious award.


The judging was conducted via the "double blind method." Meaning the baristas making the coffee did not know which company or name of the espresso they were making, and the judges did not know any information regarding the espresso they were judging other than the category.  This gave every roasting company an equal chance to let their work shine without bias.

We learned a lot from this competition, and plan to take all the constructive criticism and integrate it into our roasting process so that next year we take home gold!

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