Cafe Femenino

The Cafe Femenino Foundation (CFF)

"is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization formed to bring hope and aid to women and families in the poorest and least accessible areas of Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. The Foundation is currently working to extend aid to indigent women coffee producers in other developing countries throughout the world.  CFF is not a membership organization.  The Foundation relies on donations to the Three Wishes and Coffee Can Campaigns, regular donations from coffee roasters who sell Cafe Femenino Coffees, and other fund raising events throughout the year."

cafe femenino

We are proud to offer at least one Cafe Femenino coffee year round.  This foundation all started when the women of northern Peru stated talking to their cooperative leaders about how they thought they could produce a better, higher quality coffee then the men farmers.  Which once tasted there is no doubt that the coffee they produce is of higher quality.

How you can help:

We make quarterly donations up to .50 cents for every bag of CFF coffee sold. Currently our Sumatra and Peru is 100% from the CFF.

To learn more about the organization including ways to volunteer or donate visit their website.

Which CFF Coffee have you tried? Please share with us in the comments below!

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