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Light Roast, Full Body, Soft Acidity

Award Winning Artisan Coffee

We put the same effort and care into each batch of coffee we roast no matter if it is our Nationally Awarded Espresso Blend "Three Amigos" or our single origin coffee imported directly from Peru.  Before we introduce a coffee to our line up, we put it through a rigorous testing process called "cupping".  This process involves roasting the coffee to different degrees and tasting it at each stage of development finding what we call the "sweet spot" where the coffee shines!  This way the coffee determines what type of roast it will be. Some coffees taste better at a dark roast and some taste better at a medium or light roast. This process is what makes our coffee taste amazing each and every time.



Peru's Most Valued Export: Coffee

We chose this specific coffee from Peru because of its incredible flavor profile of Dark Sugar Cane, Toasted Nut and subtle undertones of Lightly Fruited Notes. Which all combine to produce an amazingly well rounded cup of coffee. It does not matter if you brew it as a fancy pour over, Aeropress or your normal automatic drip, you will be swept away by its soft acidity yet bold flavor. A common response we get from people who try our coffee for the first time is: "I normally don't drink black coffee, but this is something that I can drink without any creamer and actually like it."


Importing Only The Highest Quality Coffee

Time and time again the coffee growing region in Peru has produced an amazing coffee. Grown in the high mountains where there is plenty of sun and tropical weather for the coffee pants to thrive, you will find farmers dedicated to the cultivation of healthy coffee plants.  The coffee we choose needs to score a 87 or better before we consider it in our lineup.  This score determines the quality of flavor and is judged by an expert "Q Grader" who is trained in the same way a Sommelier is trained for tasting fine wines. Q Graders taste the coffee and score it over a wide range of taste factors that include; Fragrance/Aroma, Flavor, Acidity, Body, Uniformity, Balance, Clean Cup, Sweetness and Defects. 


Offering Only Organic and Fair Trade Coffee

The coffee that we import from Peru is always Organic and purchased under Fair Trade agreements.  Fair Trade is significant because it ensures that the wonderful coffee farmers get paid a fair living wage ensuring the health and well being of families that live and work on these beautiful coffee farms.  Organic coffee is important for a number of reasons, one of the most important being that harmful pesticides are not sprayed over the coffee fields by planes exposing the working farmers to these toxic chemicals.  Happy, healthy coffee farmers and their families are the first step in creating a sustainable coffee supply chain.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

With Kafiex Roasters you are guaranteed fresh roasted coffee every time you order. We only roast what is ordered when it is ordered. After you place an order we get to work skillfully roasting each batch to perfection and shipping your order within 48 hours of leaving the the roasting machine.  If you have never tried freshly roasted coffee you are in for a treat.  There is something truly magical about brewing a cup of coffee that has that is only a few days old.  The experience is very similar to going to a bakery and purchasing a freshly baked loaf of bread. There is a crispness and brightness to each cup of coffee, this experience diminishes over time, usually after two weeks of being exposed to oxygen the coffee starts to loose its vibrancy.


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good towards your first purchase